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Company Secretarial Services

Our Services include:

(a) Providing the directors of the company collectively and individually with guidance as to their duties, responsibilities and powers:
(b) Making the directors aware of any law relevant to or affecting the company;
(c) Reporting to the company’s board any failure on the part of the company or a director to comply with the memorandum of incorporation or rules of the of the company or the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (the Act) as amended;
(d) Ensuring that minutes of all shareholder meetings, board meetings and the meetings of any committees of the directors, or of the company’s audit committee, are properly recorded in accordance with the Act;
(e) Certifying in the company’s annual financial statement whether the company has filled required returns and notices in terms of the Act, and whether all such returns and notices appear to be true, correct and up to date’
(f) Ensuring that a copy of the company’s annual financial statements is sent, in accordance with the Act, to every person who is entitled to it, (g) Carrying out the function of a person designated in terms of section 33 (3) of the Act: Filing of Annual Return to CIPC

  • Drafting of Board Charter and Terms of References for the Board Committees.
  • Drafting of Annual Work Plans for the Board and Board Committees.
  • Drafting of agendas and compilation and distribution of Meeting Packs.
  • Attending meetings to take minutes and provide guidance to the directors.
  • Drafting of Board and Shareholder Resolutions
  • Submissions to CIPC: Annual Returns and CoR Forms.
  • Amendments to the Memorandum of Incorporation.
  • Share Registers, Transfers and Share Certificates.
  • Maintenance of the Company Registration.
  • Submissions of Compliance Checklist to CIPC and if necessary, the JSE.
  • Drafting of SENS announcements.
  • Conducting annual assessments of the directors.
  • Assisting with the drafting of the integrated Annual Report.
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