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Remuneration Reviews

Capital Governance is a provider of executive and board remuneration consulting services that consider company circumstances, compliance requirements and stakeholder expectations. Our team offer end to end pay and reward solutions for both listed and private companies that assist all levels of remuneration decision makers. For example Capital Governance (Pty) Ltd provides independent remuneration recommendations on ‘how much to pay’ key management with Board quality Remuneration Benchmarking reports, to advise on how to ‘pay for performance’ with executive incentive plan design and incentive plan drafting. 

We help clarify your performance and reward vision and highlight keyways to move your organisation forward by developing a remuneration framework

We provide a market leading benchmarking service that uses data analytics so you can make decisions on how much to pay executives and board members

Create, design, and draft executive annual bonus structures and long-term executive incentive plans

We both draft and oversee the execution of board equity plans and equity holding policies

Advise and draft Remuneration Reports, Remuneration Implementation Reports and Remuneration Surveys for inclusion in Annual Reports, that effectively communicate to shareholders your approach to performance and rewards

We also offer other Human Resources, such as assistance with CCMA cases.

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