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Our programe, Board Whisperer is committed to mentoring Directors and the EXCP through our corporate Governance Leadership Programe and preparing them for Directorship in the 21st century

The Purpose of leadership mentoring is to help leaders push their own boundaries for the sustainable benefit of the organisation, and their own. Each client is unique and we tailor the programme to the specific needs of the mentees and the organisation. Mentoring requires a high level of commitment from the mentee, both in time and effort. During sessions, intense listening and creative questioning are aimed at helping the mentees to find a response to their own challenges. Several tools and techniques are integrated into mentoring sessions; these are often transparent to the client. In addition to continuous tracking during the programme, a formal evaluation of the achievement of the goal is done at the end of the programme.

Great leadership starts with a deep awareness of ourselves and the people we interface with. It continues with the definition and monitoring of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-constrained objectives.

On completion of the programme, a formalcertificate is provided.

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